A message from the Contrite Viking

Have you ever built a beautiful mead-hall, and then gone away burning and pillaging for a while, and come home and discovered you can't find your keys? Maybe you've had a bit of the uisge beatha you took from those Irish dudes last month, so you just set fire to your own mead-hall door and wander off before you even think about it, and then a while later you realize what you did and you run home and the beautiful mead-hall is a pile of charred timbers and ashes?

Kids, don't drink and go a-viking. Words to live by.

Ben The Violent

Yes, I'm afraid that means the iBards project has come to its glorious end -- thank you all for your amazing support! The e-store has been permanently closed, and we wish all our wonderful bardic recording artists every success as they continue to raise their voices across the Known World. :) Questions? Pop me a line at heather@heatherdale.com... until then, all the best! Cheers, Heather (Heather Dale / Marian of Heatherdale -- iBards founder)