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Bardic ArtistsBards have held a place of honour throughout history as musicians, entertainers, storytellers, and news-bringers. Here at iBards, I use the term "bardic" to describe any song, poem, story or instrumental piece that seeks to tie in with that ancient tradition. Here you will discover some modern-day bardic artists who are creating or perpetuating works that reinforce the ideals of the Roman era, Dark Ages, Medieval era, and Renaissance. If you are a bardic artist and would like to become involved with the iBards project, I look forward to hearing from you ("How To Join iBards!" link at top right).

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In memory of Duchess Sieglinde Syr, a truly inspiring woman, I was asked to record one of her fine songs: "Come Share The Dream". Of course, I was deeply honoured. I hope you'll take a second to download it here (free mp3) and hold her words fondly in your heart.