"For The Dream! - A Bardic Fundraiser"

For The Dream cover art
This collaborative bardic project was organized by Lorelei Skye in order to help support the SCA we know and love. These two downloadable albums were available only for a limited time, and are no longer available. Thanks for your support -- and for helping keep The Dream alive and strong!


This fundraising project is now complete, and has been a huge success! Thanks to Lorelei Skye for spearheading it, and everyone who contributed their talents to "For The Dream". The online portion of the project here at iBards, plus the physical CDs created by Camelot Treasures, raised $2695.28 to benefit the Society for Creative Anachronism's settlement fund. Hurray! :)

----- A NOTE FROM LORELEI (Spring 2012):--------
“Words are only painted fire; a look is the fire itself” --Mark Twain

On February 6, 2012 -- in the wake of the Settlement Announcement from the SCA Board of Directors -- an idea was sparked, though inspired by many. This idea became a conversation started between myself, Garraed Galbraith, Heather Dale, and Ken Theriot. Over the next weeks, aided by messages passed on Facebook, message boards, word of mouth, and the iBards newsletter – a variety of bards submitted works to the project.

I have had an amazing time reviewing and compiling the submissions into what became a two volume project. At times, it has almost been a bit like having a bardic circle in my car! I am well and truly moved by the level of support and number of contributions this project has received- from new and seasoned bard alike! With many thanks to Heather Dale for her time and guidance, as well iBards.org. I would also like to extend a special thanks to Monique Bouchard (Baroness Aneleda Falconbridge) for the donation of her time and creation of cover art for the Facebook page and CD's.

Enjoy the Bardic, and many thanks for supporting this fund raising effort!

With Much Gratitude and Enthusiasm,
Lady Lorelei Skye of Sans Nomen – Lead singer, Rosaleen Dhu
(C.Coate, Spring 2012)

“For the Dream! – A Bardic Fundraiser” is not affiliated in any way officially with SCA, Inc, its partners, or its subsidiaries. All profits from the sale of “For the Dream! - A Bardic Fundraiser” will be donated to the SCA Inc. General Fund for the duration of the project, and no further rights or privileges to these works is implied beyond the scope of this project.

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